Restoration and conservation specialists

21 Highland Circle-Needham, Massachusetts 02494

Meet our family of conservators and craftsmen

     Maria Serpentino, 1978 - Present

   President, Serpentino Stained Glass

         Roberto Rosa, 1988 - Present

Vice President, Serpentino Stained Glass

         Domenico Iriti, 1982 - Present

Vice President, Serpentino Stained Glass

    Fernando Carmona, 1994 - Present

                  Master Craftsman

   Otto Daniel Paredes 1999 - Present

               Master Craftsman


     Matthew Fallon, 2003 - Present

   Artist, Painter, Master Craftsman

2013 Boston Preservation Allience Award ceremony  for the restoration and conservation of the

Tiffany "Dorcas" window located at Church of The Covenant, Newbury Street, Boston.

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Christmas dinner at Maria and Roberto's home.

Front row from left: Domenico, Fernando, Otto, Dennis, Matthew

Back row: Roberto and Maria

21 Highland Circle - Needham, Massachusetts 02494

   Filipe Zorzal, 2019 - Present